Name Léodie - Meaning of the origin and the origin

Name Léodie - Meaning of the origin and the origin

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Origin of first name:

French, Germanic, Greek, Latins, Originals, Rare

Meaning of the name:

Three different origins are attributed to Léodie. Its Greek origin means "flower of the fields". Its Germanic origin has its roots in ali and od meaning "foreign" and "wealth". Léodie also comes from Latin alodis, meaning "property".


There is no known Leodie to date, maybe your daughter will be?

Léodie has for patron saint Elodie of Cordova, a Spanish Christian martyred after refusing to convert to Islam. She and her sister were beheaded in public on that date.

His character :

Léodie is particularly fond of freedom. Dynamic and hyperactive, she is an adventurer. His family and friends are of paramount importance to him. Generous, she shows small attentions to please his entourage. Open, gentle and patient, Léodie unhesitatingly helps her loved ones in difficulty. She takes their suffering seriously and shows them her affection. His moral support is unconditional, his entourage is aware of it. Wherever she goes, she does her best to create a climate of harmony and peace.


Lodi, Helodie, Elodye, Elodia, Alodie and Alodia are derived from the first name Léodie.

His party :

Léodie is celebrated on October 22

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