Megane Name - Meaning of origin

Megane Name - Meaning of origin

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Origin of first name:

Celts, French, Persians

Meaning of the name:

Megane comes from Persian margritis meaning "pearl".

It is also the diminutive Welsh of English Margaret, known as the "Marguerite" version in France. Megane enjoyed constant success until the sale of a car of the same name.


No Megane known so far, your princess may be?

Born in the year 1046, Marguerite was the daughter of an English prince exiled in Hungary. Later she returned to live in the English court and married Scottish King Malcolm III. This union gave birth to eight children, including two future saints, Mathilde and David. Becoming queen, Marguerite took to her heart her duties and reformed the Church of Scotland. She brought the clergy of Scotland closer to those of Rome, and founded abbeys.

His character :

Clever and emotional, Megane is also exciting and dynamic. Extroverted, she likes to put herself forward to get noticed. Captivate the attention of his entourage the height of ease. Enjoying a great sociability, Megane is pleasant to live. Curious, she is endowed with a lively intelligence. She brilliantly fights difficult situations. This quality will facilitate his learning. Authentic and spontaneous, Megane works at the heart. Charmeuse born, her pretty face and her side "ray of sunshine" seduce his entourage.


Megan, Meganne, Meghan, Meghane and Meggie are among the variants of the surname Megane.

His party :

The Megane are celebrated on November 16th.

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