Name Morris - Meaning and origin

Name Morris - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

Elders, Anglo-Saxons

Meaning of the name:

Morris is to the English what Maurice is to the French. Both derive from the Latin term maurus designating the Berber population of the Maghreb.


American actor Morris Chestnut, Brazilian composer and performer Morris Albert, American basketball player Morris Peterson, American footballer Morris Lee Claiborne and Australian writer Morris West.

Saint Maurice, an officer of the Roman army, died for refusing to exterminate the Christians in Switzerland under Emperor Maximian. In 290, the Legion of Mauritius was commissioned to kill them, but some 6,000 men refused and were massacred. On the place of the massacre was built a monastery then giving birth to the city of Saint Maurice.

His character :

Balanced and discreet, Morris is shy and reserved. Perfectionist, he is also selective and meticulously chooses his friends. As a child, Morris is so sensitive that his entourage must spare him. Rather lonely, he finds refuge in reading, often fantastic books with which he feeds his imagination.


Maurice, Mauricio, Moricio, Maurizio, Mauritz and Moris.

His party :

Morris is celebrated on September 22nd.

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