Name Priscillia - Meaning and Origin

Name Priscillia - Meaning and Origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Derived from Priscilla, Priscillia comes from Latin priscus meaning "antique". Latin literature also attributes to him this transcription: "that which has the strength of the ancestors".


No Priscillia known to date, perhaps your little wonder?

Its original version Priscilla has a celebrity: Priscilla Betti, singer and actress French.

His character :

Volunteer, Priscillia is a fighter who rarely drops her arms in the face of failure. This perseverance will be worth to grow in peace and to succeed in school. No need to put pressure on that side, this intelligent child will impress parents and educators. The more she feels free to move at her own pace, the more she will give the best of herself. Bold and independent, this little princess has nothing to envy to her boyfriends! She can even gain their admiration.

Balanced, thoughtful, Priscillia knows what she wants. A fine strategist in the grass, she rarely acts lightly. Sensitive and gifted with a keen intuition, she has the flair to sort out between mean people and those with sincerity. Her pretty face and her desire to please make Priscillia an outstanding seductress from the height of her youth. Families, educators, close friends, everyone goes there! Spontaneous, upright and sincere, Priscillia deserves this affection that she is dedicated to.


Priscilla, Priscilla, Priscila, Pricilla, Pricilla, Priscile, Pryscilla and Pricille are all variants of Priscillia.

His party :

The women named Priscillia are celebrated on January 16th.

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