Sweater with contrasting stripes

Sweater with contrasting stripes

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A flashy sweater for the fall season! And original with that ... Presented in the September 2011 issue, it is made in jersey place and it is a jacquard that gives it its offbeat effect.

Sizes: a) 2 years - b) 4 years - c) 6 years


Partner Quality 3.5 from PHILDAR

a) 2 - b) 3 - c) 3 Balls color Eggplant

a) 2 - b) 3 - c) 3 Balls color Bengal

Needles N ° 3 and N ° 3,5

Points used

Rib 1/1: 1 m. end., 1 m. approx.

Jersey end. : * 1 row in row, 1 row in reverse * repeat these 2 rows

Jacquard: see diagram

Increase to 1 m. edges


It is essential to the realization of a knitting with the good dimensions.

10 cm stockinette or jacquard, ea. No. 3.5 = 23 m. and 30 rows

Download the diagram and the pattern.

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