When to resume contraception?

When to resume contraception?

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Are we fertile during breastfeeding? When to resume contraception after childbirth? These are probably questions you ask yourself after the birth of your baby. The point with Dr. Olivier Multon, gynecologist.

I breastfeed exclusively, when to resume contraception?

If you are breastfeeding exclusivelyafter delivery, the pituitary secretes a hormone, prolactin, which will allow the rise of milk and the maintenance of lactation throughout the duration of breastfeeding. In principle, this hormone blocks ovulation and the return of diapers. But be careful! In rare cases, ovulation still occurs. It is therefore essential to resume contraception:

  • If you want to take the pill, the doctor will prescribe, at the exit of the maternity or a few days later, a microdose pill, which does not contain estrogen. It does not compromise breastfeeding and is safe for your baby.
  • If you prefer an IUD, the pose of it is recommended 2 to 3 months after delivery, the time that the uterus returns to its original size. In the meantime, the use of a condom or a spermicidal gel is necessary because ovulation is possible.

I chose mixed breastfeeding. When to resume contraception?

  • If the return of rules occurs several weeks after complete cessation of breastfeeding, this does not mean that there is no ovulation before. If you are breastfeeding partially, know that ovulation comes back even earlier than during exclusive breastfeeding. So be careful ...

I do not breastfeed When to resume contraception?

  • If you do not breastfeed, the return of diapers, ie the return of menses, is 6 to 8 weeks after delivery, but ovulation may occur before. To avoid a new pregnancy, you can resume the pill as early as the 4th week after delivery. If you have sex before this date, prefer a local contraceptive (condom, gel or spermicidal sponge).

Stéphanie Letellier, in collaboration with Dr. Olivier Multon, gynecologist.

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