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What changing table for baby?

What changing table for baby?

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To change your baby, of course a simple towel on your bed can do the trick, but watch out for the kidney trick! Better a real changing table. The point on the different models and the safety rules to respect.

Changing tables: different models

From the simple tray to put on a table, a chest of drawers or a bathtub, to the furniture dedicated to change, you will find all kinds of plans and changing tables.

The changing table convenient version

  • What is it ?It is a dresser, with drawers so, and a plan to change (removable) on the board.
  • The + It can then be used as a storage unit when your baby has grown up.
  • The -: its price, often high, and its size.
  • Do not forget : the changing mat. Drawers must have stoppers ... to protect little fingers!

The classic changing table

  • What is it ? It is a small folding furniture with changing table and bath incorporated.
  • The +: she can put away behind a door ... Practice!
  • The -: check its stability and lock. Avoid X feet, which can fold in full use.
  • Do not forget When the table is equipped with a bathtub, the raised lid must not fall on your toddler.

The simple changing plan

  • What is it ? A plan that is fixed above the bath or bed at the time of the change and withdraws after use.
  • The + : it's the table of small spaces and nomadic parents.
  • The - : this plan to change is often low. Watch out for your back!
  • Do not forget: keep on hand - in a basket to carry at the same time - the necessary of your baby.

The folding changing table

  • What is it ? A tray that clings to the wall and lowers when changing.
  • The +: it is ideal for small spaces.
  • The - : we can not change her place.
  • Do not forget : it must be ensured that the table is stable once unfolded and that the closing system is easy and safe.

Changing table: safety first!

  • Before buying your changing table, check that the chosen product is wearing the reference European Standard NF EN 12221 of October 1999 which ensures in particular the stability and the effectiveness of the side protections. Warning ! Changing table falls are common. Parents forget that after 3-4 months, a baby is able to turn around and so quickly that at the slightest moment of inattention he can fall. The consequences are all the more important (head trauma) as the fall occurs most of the time on the tiles of the bathroom!
  • So never leave your child unattended and always keep a hand on him. It takes a moment of inattention for a child, even a small child, to fall. Falling mattress falls are a common cause of frequent accidents in babies. If you ring the bell, take your baby with you to open it.
  • Also choose a tray or table that allows you to have your baby in front of you. The change will be all the easier and more enjoyable.

Council +:

Put everything you need at your fingertips. Not only is it more convenient but it will also allow you to not leave your baby unattended for a second. In the bathroom, security is paramount!

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