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What perfume for baby?

What perfume for baby?

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You want to share with your baby the pleasure you have to perfume yourself? For baby, it will be a non-alcoholic Eau de Parfum. Discover our tips.

  • The support of scented essences of a perfume for toddlers is water, whereas for you, adult, it is about alcohol. This explains why most of them bear the pretty name of Eau de Senteur. You should also know that since water is less volatile, the perfumes for your baby will hold better than yours.

Discover the story of baby perfumes

  • The so-called baby fragrances have a different story than the version for adults. In the 1940s and 1950s, moms used to rub their child with Eau de Cologne, often with citrus notes. You have probably seen at your grandmother these bottles of the brands Bien-Etre or Mont-Saint-Michel. But around the 80s, the development of so-called "selective" perfumeries marked a sophistication of perfumes and the launch of fragrances for children.

Childlike notes

  • The notes of these new non-alcoholic perfumes are mostly fresh with citrus (bergamot, lemon) or floral (lily of the valley, jasmine) scents. There are also waters for girls with candy-pink bottles and fruity flavors. For boys, the notes are those of mandarin or mint. But some more sophisticated species such as vanilla, sweet almond, licorice, lead to very refined compositions.

Buy it without reluctance

  • Manufacturers have two good reasons to offer these perfumes at much lower costs than adults. First, the price of raw materials is more reasonable because they are less scarce and produced in large quantities. Then, the concentration of scented essences is lower, 2% on average, which lowers the cost price of the finished product.

Linger on the bottles

  • Regarding children, they are even easier to achieve because less sophisticated. But the glassmakers who make them do not skimp on the quality and on their aesthetics. They have rather rounded shapes, a symbol of softness, the glass is frosted for a downy appearance like that of a blanket, a cap sometimes of soft color, a reference to the world of childhood.

No alcohol for toddlers

  • As your baby's pigment (color) and immune system (defense) is still immature, his skin is very sensitive to any external aggression. The ratio of your baby's weight to the surface of the skin that covers his body is almost eight times that of an adult. Thus, an ingredient from a product applied to its skin, even in small quantities, will be highly concentrated in the body of your toddler and may become toxic.
  • Prefer mild, hypoallergenic formulas. The legislation imposed by the IFRA (International fragrance association, body) which is responsible for regulating perfumes is simple: no alcohol in scented products for babies under 3 years. From this age, perfumes can contain but only 30%.

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