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What IDs for my baby?

What IDs for my baby?

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Is the identity card mandatory for a minor child? In which case to make a passport? Everything depends on your travel plans ... Update on these administrative procedures.

From what age can a child have an identity card?

  • It is possible to apply for a national identity card (CNI) from the birth of your child, the only condition is to be of French nationality.

Is it mandatory?

  • No, but it will make it easier for you, especially if you are used to traveling by plane. It is, for example, mandatory on national flights Air France, even for a child.
  • If you travel by train with the SNCF, it can be asked in several cases: to justify that your child is well under 4 years if it travels for free or even if you have a family card. Finally, if you travel in Europe with your child, whatever your means of transport, he must, there too, have an identity card.

Where to apply ?

  • At the town hall or police station depending on the city where you live. Attention, many town halls work by appointment for this process. Inquire before moving. Be aware that the presence of your baby when filing the application is essential.

What are the parts to provide?

  • The completed and signed identity card application form
  • 2 identical identity photos, conforming to the norms, that is to say, eyes open, head straight, look towards the goal, without headgear or headband. If your child is very small, call a professional because the session in a photo booth can be complicated!
  • 1 proof of domicile of one of the parents (original + photocopy)
  • The birth certificate of the child dated less than 3 months
  • 1 ID of the parent filing the application (original + photocopy)
  • It is free

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