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What sport for my child?

What sport for my child?

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Tobogganing, downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, dog sledding, ice skating ... the pleasure of skiing is a real pleasure for children. Enjoy your next trip to the mountains to discover one of these sports.

Tobogganing, first impressions

  • Your little one is happy to slide on his small vehicle. At 2 years, it is you who pull your child. At 4 years, you go down the track with him, well wedged between your legs. At 5, he can start alone with the help of an adult who gives him momentum, at the top of the track, and another ready to receive 50 or 100 meters lower.
  • Equipment. Avoid some sledge shovels, too unstable. Plan a helmet, even if it is not "still" required.
  • Where do we go from here? In the secure area provided in all ski resorts.

Skiing, to play and slide

  • Slide, it's exhilarating! Fun, your child will soon, provided you learn the technique. We must find the balance, coordinate its movements, anticipate obstacles. ESF (French Ski School), present on all the stations of France, will teach him all that, but also prudence ...
  • In small groups of 6-8 children, and only half a day to begin, your beginner will take the time to play with a shovel and a bucket, to put on and off the skis and to make his first slides ... Until he must be strong enough to get out of the walled garden and start on his first green track in a snowplow.
  • Children have less apprehension than adults and progress quickly! At the end of the week, each young skier passes a test: the teddy bear, the flake, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd star ... it gives confidence and want to go further.
  • Equipment. Rent on the spot after-skis and skis, it is practical. And in case of discomfort, we can exchange them.

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