What is the purpose of the post-natal visit?

What is the purpose of the post-natal visit?

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Six to eight weeks after your delivery, this mandatory post-natal visit, the last of your pregnancy monitoring, allows the gynecologist or midwife to take stock of your condition. If you have questions, this is also an opportunity to talk about it.

Why is this post-natal visit important?

  • During your pregnancyand especially during childbirth, your body has been severely tested. This mandatory consultation allows your gynecologist, or a midwife, to take stock of your state of health and ensure that everything is back in order. This visit takes place between six and eight weeks after birth.

Who is taking care of this visit?

  • It is recommended to visite gynecologist or the midwife who followed you during your pregnancy, at the maternity ward or in the office, because they know your background. Your doctor can also do this, if you wish.

How is the post-natal visit?

  • breastfeeding return of diapers, resumption of sexuality ... In order to know how you are doing, the doctor begins this interview by asking you questions about your health and the postpartum.
  • In a second time, a clinical examination is necessary to verify that everything is fine, physically speaking. For this, it makes a vaginal touch and ensures that your uterus has returned to its place and your perineum is toned. If you have had an episiotomy or caesarean section, this is also an opportunity for him to check your scars: "For many women, this visit is a transition between their pregnancy and their new life as a mother. opportunity to reassure and hear that all is well, especially with the resumption of sexual intercourse, "notes Olivier Multon, gynecologist-obstetrician at the Polyclinic of Nantes. The resumption of contraception, if it has not been done before, will also be discussed at this meeting.
  • If you have had diabetes or when you have high blood pressure during your pregnancy, it will also be the time for your doctor to take stock.

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