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Back to the middle section of kindergarten

Back to the middle section of kindergarten

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The primary objective of the middle section of kindergarten is language. The school is full of ideas to help your child communicate better.

Medium section: not yet really "big"

  • At 4 years, your child understands better what he liveshe may have some distance from certain situations, he is less afraid. He continues to build his internal security.
  • After the summer holidays surrounded by his family, his mother and / or dad, your little schoolboy will probably have a hard time getting rid of you in the falleven if he finds the school he already knows and maybe friends. It is important that you are there to reassure him in this dive yet secure.

His priority? Communicate

  • To exchange with his mistress, your child puts the package on the language: he understood that the words can be heard. Its expression will be refined during the middle section year. The first negations and connections appear.

Medium section: how to accompany it?

  • You think the hardest thing was done with the return to small section? Well no ! Be attentive to any separation anxieties. EIf he wants to take his blanket to school, do not answer that he is too tall.
  • At home, he needs parents who listen to him, no teachers! When he scours words, rephrase correctly what he just said, like nothing. This is how he will immerse himself in words, discover the taste for manipulating language and self-confidence.

Isabelle Gravillon