Parental leave reform: a good idea?

Parental leave reform: a good idea?

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Today, the parents of a child benefit from six additional months of leave ... provided that the other parent takes over. The goal: to encourage fathers to invest more in family life. A real advance? The analysis of Sophie Odena, sociologist *.

6 months of additional leave transferable to second parent to encourage fathers to take leave. Is it a good idea ?

  • Sophie Odena : In theory, encourage fathers to be more involved in domestic chores and child care, yes, that's a good idea. This will allow men and women to be a little more equal in the face of parenting tasks. In practice, it is unlikely that this will change anything if it is not accompanied by a revaluation of the amount of this leave. In France, within the couple, it is still often the man with the highest incomes. So, even for six months, it is hard to imagine that this reform is enough to convince them to stop working temporarily.

In practice, it is unlikely that this will change things.

How do you explain that few fathers are seduced by parental leave?

  • Sophie Odena: The question of money is not the only condition for perfect equality. It is also a cultural problem. Although women's activity has increased considerably in recent decades, women's work still remains less popular than men's. The business world could make this change and play a role by taking steps that would encourage their employees to take this leave. If already this holiday was better seen by management, by colleagues ... In Sweden, for example, not only parental leave is better paid, but the importance of the presence of the father to the child for his good development is totally entry into the mores. In France, much less. Remember, in our country, the first mode of care for children under 3 is the mother.

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