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Baby's cold: 5 points to massage

Baby's cold: 5 points to massage

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To prevent baby colds, why not opt ​​for massage? Some simple actions can promote good breathing and clear bronchial tubes, help baby to evacuate any secretions, stimulate the nose-throat-ears or stimulate immune defenses ... Here are 5.

4 tips before you start

  • Before the first massage, explain what you will do to your baby and always keep a hand in contact with his skin to make him feel safe.
  • The first two massage actions can be performed morning and evening (approximately 3 minutes) or only in the evening. Allow 10 to 15 minutes to practice all prevention techniques.
  • Use a vegetable oil made from grape seeds or sweet almonds. The day before, perform a test to prevent an allergic reaction by placing a few drops on his calf or his arm.
  • Neither too soft nor too strong, the massage must be effective: be firm in your actions!

1. Thorax and back massage

  • The goal: to promote good breathing and help clear the lungs.
  • Apply a few drops of oil to the palm of your palms, then place your right hand flat on the right shoulder. Descend to the left side of the chest while the left hand is pulling the opposite side. The movements are carried out crosswise. To be completed by a back massage.

2. Wrist massage

  • The goal: to stimulate the immune defenses by acting on the points of acupuncture.
  • With one hand holding your toddler's forearm, put the thumb of your other hand over the entire surface of your wrist. Rub quickly about fifty times. Take the time to then massage the other wrist, that's important.

3. Nose massage

  • The goal: to evacuate any secretions.
  • Start with a gentle wash with a brine saline mist. Then place your fingers on each side of the bridge of his nose, go down to the base of his nostrils and turn your fingers on themselves.
  • If your baby does not like lying down, you can fully massage him in a sitting position, back against your chest.

4. Ear massage

  • The goal: to stimulate the whole nose-throat-ears area.
  • Start at the top of your ear, continue behind the lobe until your finger meets the jawbone, then walk up the same path. Repeat this gesture several times rather quickly. When you know how to do it, you can, to save time, massage both ears simultaneously.

5. Foot massage

  • The goal: to stimulate the whole nose-throat-ears area.
  • Massage the foot globally, with a special emphasis on the base of the big toe, and in the same way as for the wrists, consider massaging both feet, one after the other. Your gestures must be supported without causing any tickling or pain.

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