Purse bag

Purse bag

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This bag, for sure, will please your young coquette with its romantic side and its flowers! Presented in the September 2011 issue of, it is made in jersey place and twist.


Phil Light quality from PHILDAR

1 Ball Gazelle color

Pilou Quality from PHILDAR

1 Ball of color Hawthorn

Needles N ° 3 and N ° 3,5

Points used

Jersey end. : * 1 row in row, 1 row in reverse * repeat these 2 rows

Rib 1/1: 1 m. end., 1 m. approx.

Twist on 4 m.

1st row: 4 m. in law

2nd rg and all even rgs: 4 m. towards

3rd row: slip 2 sts. on an ea. twisted on the front, work 2 sts at the same time. following then the 2 m. of the aig. twisted

Always repeat these 4 rows.


It is essential to the realization of a knitting with the good dimensions.

10 cm of jersey, Phil light quality, aig. No. 3.5 = 22 m. and 28 rows

1 2 3