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Sam has lice

Sam has lice

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Today, at Patrick's Super Nanny, the young Sam brought back from the nursery ... small animals. The opportunity to explain what lice are and to play down the adventure in a good mood.

  • Sam does not have any homework yet. But while waiting for a measles or bronchiolitis, he still wanted to bring back something from the nursery. We had a short hook in the square to enjoy the midday sun.
  • I saw them when he took off his cap and I repressed a grimace. They seemed to like her hair.
  • "Sam?" I asked, "where do you hang your hat?"
  • "To the hats, in the hallway!" he replied in one go.
  • "It does not take anymore."
  • "Why ?"
  • "That's how we catch lice."
  • "What's lice?"
  • Bambi approached, interested. Any child with a head with hair on it may be concerned about the phenomenon. I started.
  • "They are small animals that cling to their hair, like mosquitoes, they feed on blood, which is why it scratches."
  • "And how do we die?" asked Sam nicely.
  • "You have to put some products in. But it will be mum and dad who will do it, I do not have the right."

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