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Shrek 4, he was an end

Shrek 4, he was an end

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Shrek 1, Shrek 2, Shrek 3 ... and vl'a Shrek 4 now. It's not a bit too much? But admit that toddlers love this ogre. And we, too! To see with family from 4 years, especially if your child has seen the precedents.

Shrek 4, a monster story

  • After proving to the whole worldIn three opuses, he could be good, then be loved and finally become a dad ... Shrek is fed up. To give the bib ', to change the layers of three ogrillons all the holy day, it is usant. And to top it off, it is no longer scary to anyone.
  • Shrek, the ogre, the real, would give everything to terrify the population as in the good old days. This chance will be brought to him on a set by the devious Tracassin. Here he is propelled into a parallel world where each character takes his legs to his neck crossing him ... Alas, the price to pay is very very expensive: his friend the donkey does not recognize him, and Fiona, his sweet princess, does not love more.

What your toddler will like in Shrek 4

  • Shrek when he becomes a monster again. Your little joker will love to see the ogre sue the locals screaming like a monster.Too funny!
  • Find his friend the donkey who this time does not know Shrek and tries, terrified, to run away too. We still love this great talkative very expressive ... especially as in this episode it is easier to understand. There are fewer word games.
  • Rhythm. It's an action movie with witches, ogres, bad guys, nice guys ... everything your little one likes.
  • By Mike Mitchell.
  • Where to find it?

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