Ski: opt for the "Famille plus montagne" resorts

Ski: opt for the "Famille plus montagne" resorts

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Are you planning to ski with your toddlers in the coming weeks? If you have not booked yet, think of the resorts labeled "Family plus mountain", specially adapted for the home of families and toddlers.

  • If you plan to go skiing with your toddlers, think of the stations labeled Family plus mountain. In total, 43 resorts in France have received this label which guarantees families adapted entertainment for all, a local medical service and qualified professionals to supervise your children. Pierre Balme, president of the "Famille Plus Montagne" working group, tells us more about these stations.

How to be sure that a ski resort is suitable for children?

  • That's the point of the Famille Plus label! The resorts that have obtained it offer adapted childcare facilities, nurseries from 18 months, a secure snow garden that allows toddlers to learn sliding sports, heated retreat places, attractive prices for families. Not all stations offer these guarantees.

Which resorts would you recommend more specifically?

  • Mont-Dore, in Auvergne, offers a program for toddlers. Also accessible for a weekend, you have the Bresse, in the Vosges, with its cross-country skiing, ice rink ... And again the 2 Alps, a station flat, exceptional, with small practical lifts. In Courchevel, you have a toboggan run of 2 km. In Valloire, lamas! Each labeled resort has its own specificities, its games and its lot of surprises. Essential to give children the taste of the mountains ... and the effort!

To find your station: vwww.familleplus.fr then on the site of the selected station.

Stéphanie Letellier and Agnès Barboux


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