Name Jawad - Meaning of thumbs

Name Jawad - Meaning of thumbs

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Origin of first name:

Africans, Arabs

Meaning of the name:

In the Arabic language, the name Jawad means "generous" or "liberal". It can also take the meaning of "riding horse".


Jawad al-Bulani is an Iraqi interior minister.
Jawad al-Maliki is a prime minister of Iraqi origin.
Jawad Boulos is a Lebanese politician.
Jawad Djoudi is a French rugby player.
Jawad El Hajri is a Moroccan footballer.

His character :

Jawad is an independent boy who holds his freedom fiercely. Hyperactive, he constantly needs to move and physically to be comfortable. Being curious and impulsive, he sometimes abandons everything to go on an adventure and make discoveries. Dynamic, sociable and friendly, Jawad easily attracts the attention and admiration of others.



His party :

There is no party for people with the first name Jawad.

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