Tightness in early pregnancy, is this normal?

During the first part of pregnancy, it is common to feel tugging on both sides of the stomach, or pubic pain, both of which can be painful. The explanations of Dr. Evelyne Bécart, gynecologist-obstetrician.

Is tugging inevitable during pregnancy?

  • Expectant mothers complain very frequently, but not always, in early pregnancy. Especially if they are expecting their first baby.
  • They feel tightness on both sides of the uterus, to the right and left, in a completely symmetrical and continuous way, which makes it possible to distinguish them from the uterine contractions, localized, they, in the middle of the belly, and which are intermittent and brief.

Are they very painful?

  • Tugging can really hurt. But pain is usually nothing compared to the often unconfessed fear of miscarriage.
  • I reassure future moms. I explain that these tugging are natural and that they can be explained by the increase in the volume of the uterus.

How long do these annoyances last?

  • These symptoms sometimes last for a whole quarter or more.
  • Other pains can take over, these are pubic pains, which are related to relaxation of the articular and ligamentous pelvis. They manifest in the form of soreness, discomfort with walking, even painful impotence.
  • Some pains can also occur: either lumbar, associated with sciatica, or located on one side (hollow of the groin). Their appearance is variable and capricious, but however more marked in tired future moms. To lie down on the side can relieve.
  • All these pains are benign. Some improve with vitamin B, magnesium, acupuncture or massages.

Interviewed by Maryse Damiens