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Trotter: how to do?

Trotter: how to do?

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Trotter: how to do?

How to help?

  • If the "against" arguments have not convinced you, stay very vigilant.
  • The main advantage of youpala is to allow the child to move in a richer environment (such as his park), which will enhance his ability to discover.
  • By not leaving him for more than an hour a day in increments of about 15 minutes, keeping an eye on him, and if he finds pleasure, why not?
  • Choose a model that complies with the CE safety standard. Adjust the height of the baby walker according to its height.
  • Your child should touch the ground with the tip of their feet and not with the soles of their feet.
  • The trotter must always be used under your supervision on a surface without unevenness and course "secure".


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