A grandma is precious!

A grandma is precious!

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Having a granny, a granny, a grandma or a babe is very important for your child. A grandma is a reserve of cuddles ... but not only! It also has a role of transmission and helps the child to join a family line that reassures him.

Why having a grandma is so precious for a child?

  • A grandma brings, indeed, a lot to a child. First, a grandma is usually a reserve of hugs, affection and tenderness, but it is also often an infinite patience! Unlike Mom or Dad, when Grandma is there, at home or at the park, she is not always in a hurry. And as she sees her grandson or granddaughter less often, she is more easily amazed by the discoveries of her little doggie ... which is very positive for her self-esteem!

According to one study *, almost one out of two children at first appreciates that his grandparents have time for him. Their second quality, so to speak, being that the grandparents give them presents ...

  • These two elements are indicative of the most visible function of grandparenthood: the availability and display of affection that translates into gifts for the little ones and for the older ones by checks. Which, of course, delights the grandchild who understands quickly that if his parents are there to educate him and sometimes scold him and punish him, the grandparents are there to pamper him, share good times, tell him stories. To each his role in some way.

Grandmas do not have a mission of education to fill with their grandchildren?

  • They have a role of transmission rather than education. And that makes parent-grandparent relationships so much easier that grandmas do not feel responsible for educating their grandchildren. It is important for the child who knows him well that it is his parents his educational referents. But it is especially important for family peace and the good atmosphere in the family at large that everyone has that in mind.
  • This means that, ideally, a grandmother, even if she does not agree in every respect on the education given by her son or daughter to her grandson, should not intervene. And it also means that parents do not have to conflict with grandparents either if they realize that certain rules or values ​​are not respected or formulated in their homes. Because in reality this will not influence the child who is quite capable - even small - of making the difference.

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