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Quick, a book!

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Looking for book ideas? Here are three, preferably for your grown ups ... even if they can seduce from 4 years. Because for good books, there is no age, especially when it's mom or dad who, anyway, reads them!

A real paperback!

The Lutines mutiny, by Sophie Carquain, ed. High Talents, 7,90 €.

  • Talent High is a small publisher that we love because he fights with humor and cheerful against sexism. For the holidays, he gives us this delicious story of shocked impolites to see that the "robotic dolls" have no brains! You have to change all that, Santa. No but !

A masterpiece

Pinocchio, by Carlo Collodi, ed. Rue du Monde, 28.

  • A real pleasure to discover at the booth Rue du monde this magnificent Pinocchio album, illustrated by a great name in the illustration of youth: Nathalie Novi. You will not read at once to your child the adventures of the puppet but with a chapter by evening, you will add suspense to the history of the most famous prank of all time ...

A book that gives to see

Look, look, optical illusions, by Angels Navarro, ed. Bayard, 22.

  • Drawings that move when we fix them, zebraries that jump us to the eyes, a hat that seems higher than wide (and that is not!), A pattern that hides another ... We have fun and we is surprised with this beautiful album that offers 40 video games ... An original gift, between book and game.

Agnes Barboux