In utero travel: the 2nd quarter

In utero travel: the 2nd quarter

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Well nestled in the hollow of your stomach, your baby is already growing at a phenomenal speed! Let's continue to observe it in its second quarter of development.

4th month in utero

This is an important time: your baby reveals his sex. If you want to know it, ask for it during the ultrasound. But what else is going on? Let ...

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The 5th month in utero

Hair, nails, well-marked profile ... it looks "almost" like a baby. And most importantly, you start to feel it moving.

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The 6th month in utero

It's a very tactile month for your baby. He reacts to caresses, slight pressure ... It's also the moment when he opens his eyes for the first time. Let's enter his world!

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If you missed the trip in the heart of the 1st quarter, it's here.

If you want to see what happens in the 3rd quarter, it's here.

How does your baby develop in the 2nd trimester? Our article.

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The first month in utero

2nd month in utero

3rd month in utero

4th month in utero

The 5th month in utero

The 6th month in utero

The 7th month in utero

The 8th month in utero

The 9th month in utero


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