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Winnie the Pooh

Winnie the Pooh

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Winnie, kids love her clumsy and sweet side! This mischievous bear cub offers them a comforting universe, to discover from 2 years old. Ideal to start his DVD collection!

What is the story ?

  • A new day rises in the forest of blue dreams as usual, Winnie the Pooh wakes up with a hunger of a wolf and realizes that he has no more honey. He goes looking for it, but it will be more complicated than expected. On the road, he meets all his friends together to participate in a contest: find the tail of Eeyore. But they must quickly embark on a new adventure: save Jean-Christophe who seems to have been kidnapped by a mysterious creature ...

Why will it please him?

  • The naivety and sweetness of Winnie the Pooh, reinforced by 2D drawing with quaint charm.
  • All these characters more charming than each other, adored by small movie lovers across the Channel for decades. There is Master Owl, Tigger a little too turbulent, coconut Rabbit who knows everything, Eeyore always a little sad, Piglet more audacious than it seems.
  • Eeyore tail lost and friends want to replace anything: a balloon, an umbrella! Very funny !
  • A diploma he will receive to formalize his first session! An event that will take place in all cinemas in France.
  • Based on three stories by the English novelist A. A. Milne, by Steve Anderson and Don Hall, Walt Disney. 1 h.
  • Walt Disney, 1:09
  • Where to find this DVD?

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